Welcome to my paper crafting world!

Before everything else, I would like you to know that this is my third attempt to blog about my hobby, paper crafting.

The first time I wrote a blog, the subjects were not primarily on paper models. It was a mash-up of jokes, favorite articles, and paper models. I had fun doing it but in the end, I just want to do paper crafting exclusively.

The second time was more streamlined, with my blogs focusing on the patterns that I downloaded from the internet. The blog was very much different in that it features models that I assembled myself. However, the site where I am blogging seems to cater more to netizens interested in buying things that I have posted on my page. I kept receiving messages asking me the price of my assembled model, what are my terms of payment, etc. I spent a lot of time answering queries on similar topics instead of interacting with people who have the same hobby as me.

“Third time’s the charm”, as they say. So here we are on my third attempt. Anyway, let me just make it clear:

  1. No, I do not sell these paper models. I do however, encourage you to download and assemble these figures yourself.
  2. Please do not force me assemble one for you. Yes, I do sometimes build a paper model for friends as a gift but forcing me to make one for you is not my thing.
  3. If you found yourself to be a recipient of a paper toy from me, I would appreciate it very much if you take good care of it. Most, if not all of my models were assembled meticulously. Much time and effort were given to building every model I assemble, it’s like a part of me goes to every figure I put together.
This blog would be all about paper crafting: whether it be paper toys, paper figures, card models, origami, etc. All cut, folded, scored, and assembled by me. Expect a wide variety of projects. From the simple, small, easy-to-do ones to large, difficult creations.

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