Paper Model Series: SDE’s STREET DOG FIGHTER “DHARFSIM” by Willie Beren (VA Paper Toys)

This is part one of Street Dog Evolution’s Street Dog Fighter Series…

Before I go on and talk about the paper model, let me write about the character named Dhalsim. So, Dhalsim is a video game character from Capcom’s Street Fighter game series. He is described as a pacifist who goes against his beliefs by entering the World Warrior tournament in order to raise money for his poor village. By the way, the World Warrior competition is similar to mixed martial arts games.

Dhalsim’s fighting style is based on yoga. With this, Dhalsim can stretch his arms, legs, neck, and God-knows-what-other-body-parts to unbelievable lengths making him an effective long-range fighter. His abilities include many fire-based attacks such as the Yoga Fire, Yoga Flame, Yoga Blast, and Yoga Inferno. He also uses the Yoga teleport technique to surprise his adversary. In the Super Street Fighter IV game, he gained an ultra combo move named the Yoga Catastrophe. This devastating move makes him create a huge fireball that slowly moves toward the opponent and deals multiple damage on impact.

Now, with the character’s background dealt with, let’s talk about the paper model…

Dharfsim is a spin-off persona by Willie Beren based on Dhalsim. The paper toy, like all of Beren’s creations, exhibits dog-like characteristics. Fur, maw, fangs, flappy ears, things that are dog-like are all incorporated in the model. However, the base character can still be easily identified. The pupil-less eyes, the earrings, the tattoos, the arm bands, the skull necklace, and the poor man’s shorts are Dhalsim’s.

I had fun assembling the model which was easy enough to build. Since I had experience assembling SDE’s Awvengers Series, it now only took me thirty minutes to finish this one.

If you want to try assembling this model, you may download it at the VA Paper Toys website. [click here]

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