Paper Model Series: SDE’s STREET DOG FIGHTER “ZHOUNDGIEF” by Willie Beren (VA Paper Toys)

Part two of Street Dog Evolution’s Street Dog Fighter Series…

Next after cool, calm, and collected Dhalsim is his polar opposite, the Red Cyclone, Zangief. He was ordered by the Head of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev to fight at the World Warrior tournament in order to infiltrate its host, Shadoloo. Prior to his entry in the World Warrior tournament, Zangief trained at the Siberian tundra subduing bears.

Zangief’s fighting style is wrestling, making him a close-range fighter. His complicated 360 degree moves make his character effective only for advanced game players. He was given effective damaging moves such as the Spinning Lariat, the Banishing Flat, the Flying Power Bomb, and his most devastating technique, the Spinning Piledriver. In later game versions, he would acquire a unique team super move: the Double Final Atomic Buster.

Zhoundgief here sports the traditional video game character looks: the Mohawk, the full beard, the chest hairs, the red wrestling tights and boots, and the muscle details. The only things missing are the criss-crossing scars on the body, although the model sports scarred ears. Zhoundgief here is also just a little bit larger than Dharfsim, in keeping with the persona of the hulking Russian.

If you want to try assembling this model, you may download it at the VA Paper Toys website. [click here]

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  1. Posted by Joel Garcia on January 1, 2012 at 7:35 am

    ayos, tito! level-up na ito!


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